Based on your vision or requirement specification, we develop, engineer and build your final product with love and passion. Thanks to in-house R&D, we offer complete turn-key solutions in short turn-around times gaining a fast time-to-market advantage.

Production &


We also help to improve your design, prepare your product for mass production and distribution, complete a detailed failure analysis, review your safety requirements and feasibility analysis, improve quality control, check the overall component life cycle, mentor and train your staff.

Prototype for


We love awesome hardware start-ups, are happy to invest with our engineering skills in you to help with product development, engineering and prototyping. We can help to build a working prototype of your idea to confirm your commitment and knowledge how to execute the next big thing.

We work with leading companies in the automotive, aerospace, medical, energy, telecom, transportation, consumer, it and industrial sectors. 

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We help you or your client from the beginning with a conceptual architecture of a custom system design incorporating either COTS and/or individual engineered component parts or circuit boards.


We create the complete design flow for you. From a concept start up to the final working product, including firmware, software development, testing, verification and final documentation. 


We help with feasibility check and proof-of-concept analysis from a technological and engineering point of view. We also will help implementing a detailed budget and cost analysis within your goals. 


Schematics design, high speed, RF, microwave, analog, digital, optical, power, using Cadence, Altium and Mentor tools. Huge experience in MIL-STD designs that also comply to DO-160.

Circuit Board

Circuit board design, Rigid, Flex, up to 48 Layers, embedded cap/res, impedance controlled with optional signal integrity and power integrity analysis.


We offer a seamless workflow from prototyping up to mass production manufacturing in SMT and PT. We also help with component sourcing and acquisition.

Testing & Verification

We love quality. We offer assistance for qualification testing, verification and system integration. We even develop automated test equipment, special to-test equipment based on your challenging test requirement.


Compliance certification is a complex process. We help with FCC, IC and CE compliance certification. EMI / EMC / ESD testing and certification.


We offer support for the preparation of technology patent applications, prototyping for crowd funding and are happy to mentor or join as a technology partner your hardware start-up. 


VHDL design, simulation and verification for high complex FPGA/CPLD of Xilinx, Altera, Lattice, Microsemi, Intel and others. 


Firmware for micro controllers, SoC and software development for CPU and DSP processors is also part of our portfolio.   

Reverse Engineering 

We offer future proof re-design of your existing hardware (Form-fit functional replacements). We reverse engineer old or obsolete designs even without documentation and supply schematics, BOM, gerber and drill files. 

We are Driven by Passion and Curiosity

Hi, my name is Lars, founder and CEO at LarsLabs

I was born with curiosity and passion for technology and the drive to invent amazing products. Growing up, I transformed my passion into a professional business, offering now a range of engineering services to help other´s vision become reality. Over the years I worked as a hardware architect in international avionics and industrial engineering companies, designed and build complex systems in navigation, communications, audio, video, radar, sonar, sensoric, industrial automation, complex computing, virtual and augmented reality. 

We at LarsLabs have deep Knowledge in Hardware Engineering

With decades of experience in engineering, product development, manufacturing, testing, verification and certification, we brought over 130 products successfully to life, ranging from sophisticated consumer devices up to complex avionic systems. We manufacture in Europe under highest manufacturing standards and our partners are certified by ISO 9001:2015. We believe, only in this way, we can guarantee a smooth production cycle and gain total execution and quality control. 

We still Believe in Magic and Make it Happen 

Thanks to a highly energetic and ambitious team of top-class engineers and like-minded, passionate colleagues we are looking forward to work with you.

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