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Welcome to LarsLabs!

We are a hardware startup based in Munich and build innovative, scalable and secure IoT sensor solutions for industrial and commercial applications.



Is simply amazing!


Lars-Gerd Piwkowski

CEO & Partner

Lars was born with curiosity and passion for technology and the drive to invent amazing products. Growing up, he transformed his passion into a professional business, running now LarsLabs as CEO.

With decades of experience in industrial hardware engineering, product development

and manufacturing, he brought hundreds of products successfully to life, ranging from sophisticated consumer devices up to complex avionic systems.

As a visionary mind, he designs and engineers LarsLabs hardware solutions.


Dirk Lohmann

COO & Partner

Dirk is super passionate about design, fashion and product development. 

With an extensive experience in Management, Finance, Marketing and Branding, he is passionate about design, fashion and product development.

He designed several wearable solutions and worked over decades in Florence in the fashion industry where he also graduated from Polimoda Fashion Institute.


At LarsLabs he runs the overall operations as co-founder and partner.

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